What can Vivo HRT do for me?

The Human Body is a very complex but fascinating machine.  We often take for granted its complexity and get frustrated with our machine when it does not respond the way we would like it to.  Imagine your body like a large factory, with different departments, all working towards your collective consciousness and daily tasks. 

Now, if some aspect of the factory is not working well to the point where your day is disrupted or not optimal, you, as the CEO of this factory can do one of two things.  You could do nothing and just live with the fact that you have a low producing factory, or you could figure out what is going on in your factory and get everything running up to optimal again. 

Maybe you have tried this on your own, or tried the advice of friends, hired a coach, or experimented with different things off the internet.  If you are a serious CEO that really wants your factory to produce well, and you want to handle this problem as  efficiently and safely as possible, you hire an expert to take a good assessment of your internal business and offer changes that will take you to where you want to go. 

You have finally found your expert team!  Welcome to Vivo HRT!

Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men and Women - 

Yes, we all know that men and women are different.  But we do share the same
hormones at different levels, and sometimes different effects.  The balance of these hormones control so much of our daily lives.  They dictate how well we sleep, our energy during the day, our mood, our ability to lose weight and maintain muscle, our sexual drive, and our ability to concentrate, and many other factors. 

As we age, your body loses the ability to maintain this optimal balance that many of us feel when we are younger.  Getting on TRT can bring that optimal balance back so that your body can work with you the way it is supposed to.  TRT can come in the form of injections, creams, or troches (these are small lozenges that you take daily). 

Your provider will discuss these options and help you determine which option is the best for you.  We are currently still offering HCG therapy for men along with their TRT.

Human Growth Hormone Therapy for Men and Women - 

There are many forms of Human Growth Hormones, there is actually an entire family of peptides that make up this category.  Many are familiar with the most popular one that was originally discovered, HGH-191.  The cascade of these hormones have a big role in the feeling of physical youth. 

If you have age related joint pain, poor recovery from physical activity, weight gain, thinning and sagging skin, and poor sleep, you could be suffering from a natural reduction in your Human Growth Hormones.  Supplementing these hormones bring your body back to a more optimal place in a healthy way. 

Recovery for Men and Women - 

In order to improve your overall recovery, we must be astute enough to discover why your machine is not already recovering at a maximum level.  There are many factors that can play a role in this.  If you are not getting effective sleep on a regular basis, your body will struggle to recover, everyone knows that. 

Diet plays a major role in this as well, not just what you eat, but how often.  Your level and frequency of training also is important to look at as well.  This is why consultation with one of our expert staff is so key to the discovery of what is missing in your machine. 

We also have various hormones that you can supplement to aid in recovery as well.  This includes the Human Growth Hormone family, BPC-157, TB-500, NAD+, Nandrolone, and others. 

Sexual Health -

Sexual Health is sometimes uncomfortable to discuss, but it is a great sign of a well balanced hormonal system.  Many times we do not want to admit that things are not running as well as they used to, and we are too embarrassed to see a professional about it. 

Here at Vivo HRT, our professional staff understands that your sexual health not only impacts the intimacy of you and your partner, but also is involved with your level of confidence and mood. 

Our benchmark is for you to feel amazing in a healthy way and in every aspect of your life.  We offer many treatments for sexual health including Sildenafil, Tadalifil, PT-141, and various topical creams to assist as well.


Need New Labs?

We've got you covered with our Vivo labs at-home test kits. These are way easier than going to a traditional lab. We'll send you everything you need to collect your samples. Once you buy the kit, you'll get it delivered to your doorstep. All you have to do is mail back your samples for analysis. It's that simple!

Already have labs?

Fantastic! If you have had bloodwork done within the last 2 months, we can set you up with a consultation to review your results. Simply email your bloodwork to us at info@vivohealthsolutions.com. Rest assured, our email servers are fully HIPAA compliant, ensuring the confidentiality of your medical information.