Step #1: Filling out your Patient Intake form

First of all, lets get you in our database. Just fill out this simple intake form and telehealth consent form and you're good to go! Click the tab below and we will be in touch!

Step #2: Getting Labs

If you have a set of hormone labs that are less than 6 months old that's great! You can email us your recent labs to If not, you can click the button below and we can assist you in getting the labs that you need. It's astonishing what blood work can reveal about the body. In order to help you reach your performance goals, we need to peak under the hood and see whats going on. Follow the link below to see the different Blood panel options for your blood work.

Step #3: Schedule your consultation

Now that you've had your blood work completed, it's time to speak with our Hormone Specialists and Nurses for your blood work review. Follow the link below to schedule your consultation.

Step 4: Delievering your Medication to your door

We make as easy, and convenient as possible. Now you sit back and wait to receive your custom compounded protocol to your door. In most cases, your program will arrive within 14 business days. Once it ships you'll get notified by the shipping carrier.