Fitness and Wellness Coaching

Here at Vivo HRT, we understand that patients are more than just numbers and it takes a whole body approach to achieving maximum performance.  If you are serious about your health, your fitness and wellness, then we help you build a team of qualified individuals in their craft to help with your nutrition, exercise routines, and wellness coaching. 

Our affiliates are trained and passionate about our mission to help you become the best you that you can be!  

If you are interested in taking your health and wellness to the next level, contact our Fitness and Wellness advisor Joshua Stevenson at (806) 340-0049 or email at  He will walk you through an assessment of your goals and needs and customize a Wellness Plan and help hand select one of our excellent Coaches that will best suit you.  

Vivo HRT prides ourselves in offering the personal touch of custom tailoring to your needs!  Reach out to us today to experience the difference!

Vivo Lab Packages:

Everything you need to submit your bloodwork shipped to your doorstep!

Need New Labs?

We've got you covered with our Vivo labs at-home test kits. These are way easier than going to a traditional lab. We'll send you everything you need to collect your samples. Once you buy the kit, you'll get it delivered to your doorstep. All you have to do is mail back your samples for analysis. It's that simple!

Already have labs?

Fantastic! If you have had bloodwork done within the last 2 months, we can set you up with a consultation to review your results. Simply email your bloodwork to us at Rest assured, our email servers are fully HIPAA compliant, ensuring the confidentiality of your medical information.