Policies of Practice

Consent to Treat:

The medications that will be discussed with the Vivo Health Solutions medical staff are of an elective nature, and never to be used in replace of medical evaluation through a qualified primary care physician for the treatment of a life threatening illness. There are risks to all medications including medications for Hormone Replacement Therapy. Even though we always aim to decrease all risks of treatment, the risks, albeit very low, associated with taking these medications include but are not limited to the possibility of an increased risk of fatigue, weight gain, acne, cancer, blood clotting, stroke or heart attack. I accept and understand these risks and feel comfortable discussing these issues with the Vivo Health Solutions team, and I wish to proceed with consultation and care. It is important not to never withhold medical information from the Vivo Health Solutions team. Our providers will do everything in their power to decrease and minimize all risks of Vivo Health Solutions, but it is vital as patients to follow the ultimate advice, protocols, and recommendations of the Vivo Health Solutions team.  Hormone Replacement Therapy is very individualized and that there are no guarantees that these measures will be effective.  The staff at Vivo Health Solutions work tirelessly to be the most educated and compassionate health and wellness professionals in the world, and your health, well-being, and overall wellness will always be our benchmark for success.

Return Policy:

As stated above there are no ultimate guarantees in our specialty, but we always strive for excellence in the optimization of your care.  We work with FDA approved Compounding Pharmacies that are licensed to ship medication.  As such, we cannot accept returns of any kind.  Medications are always discussed in great detail at the time of the consultation.  If there is some concern about whether a medication will be well tolerated, we always recommend choosing a shorter time period for your treatment protocol in order to alleviate this stress, if possible.

Notice of Privacy Practices (HIPAA):

Our Notice of Privacy Practices provides information about how we may use or disclose protected health information. The notice contains a patient’s rights section describing your rights under the law. You have the right to restrict how your protected health information is used and disclosed for treatment, payment or health care operations. We are not required to agree with this restriction, but if we do, we shall honor this agreement. The HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) law allows for the use of the information for treatment, payment, or healthcare operations. 1. Protected health information may be disclosed or used for treatment, payment, or healthcare operations. 2.The practice reserves the right to change the privacy policy as allowed by law. 3. The practice has the right to restrict the use of the information but the practice does not have to agree to those restrictions. 4. The patient has the right to revoke this consent in writing at any time and all full disclosures will then cease. 5. The practice may condition receipt of treatment upon execution of this consent.


Need New Labs?

We've got you covered with our Vivo labs at-home test kits. These are way easier than going to a traditional lab. We'll send you everything you need to collect your samples. Once you buy the kit, you'll get it delivered to your doorstep. All you have to do is mail back your samples for analysis. It's that simple!

Already have labs?

Fantastic! If you have had bloodwork done within the last 2 months, we can set you up with a consultation to review your results. Simply email your bloodwork to us at info@vivohealthsolutions.com. Rest assured, our email servers are fully HIPAA compliant, ensuring the confidentiality of your medical information.